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How Resources Relate to Results

In Marketing, Time is one of your most valuable resources (and ours as well). If we have more time, then we have more opportunities to learn, better developed plans, more iterations, more results to review and ultimately better outcomes. That's why our pricing model is based on your budget. It allows us to account for our time and attention.

We talk to clients every day that want to know what they will get for their marketing spend with us. When often can set the expectation on the deliverable with a combination of showing our work, discussing the number of hours it took to complete that project and giving the client our hourly rate options (single project, short campaign, long-term engagement).

The difference in quality is time. The more time we have to work on a project, the more detailed nuances we can attend too. See the video below for a visual representation of that concept.

(skip to the end to see the results)

An hourly rate is only one piece of the information you'll need when determining who to trust to your marketing projects. The other factors are:

• Total expense: Hourly rate multiplied by the total project hours

• Quality of Deliverable: Can the product be used effectively and repurposed for other projects

• Guarantee: Will the service provider stand behind their work and service it if required or will you have to pay for that moving forward?

Here's how to determine if you should work with a marketer:

✓ Look at the quality of their work: Is it creative, high quality and on budget?

Inquire about results: Ask about similar projects you are interested in and the results they generated.

Listen to them speak: Do they know what they are talking about? Can they explain it in a simple, clear way? Ask them for their initial thoughts & opinions about the project. Is it consistent with what your company is looking to achieve?

Similar Client: Does the marketer have crossover or direct experience in your industry?

✭ Pro Tip: When you pick a marketing company, give them the budget and timelines they should be able to tell you the deliverable within those constraints. It's much easier than telling you how much it would cost. If you only have a budget, they can give you options to produce slower and faster.

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