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Why You Won't Implement Cause Marketing

When I was a child, my dad would always tell me, "The only problem with giving is that you get so much in return". It's absolutely true! You cannot give without getting something back; whether it's a good feeling, a tax deduction, invoking the law of reciprocity, publicity or (if you're spiritual) a step closer to the promised land. Nor should we escape the benefit! It's an incredible feedback mechanism to encourage more of it! 

The problem is that we have a difficult time with long-term vision when it comes to giving. We don't see it as an investment, we see it as a loss on the balance sheet. Or at best, we ask our tax advisors "what do we need to give this year to maximize our deductions". 

"The problem is that we have a difficult time with long-term vision when it comes to giving. We don't see it as an investment, we see it as a loss on the balance sheet." 

Look, I think any charitable contribution is worthy of honor irrespective of its motive. So, when someone seems to be self-serving in their generosity, I appreciate the act on its face without judgement of the motive.

If we all embrace that we are genetically predisposed for self-preservation, then we can all get over the idea that a gift that rewards the giver is inherently "worth less". The truth is, after years in philosophy classes, I've concluded there may be no true altruistic act at all, that is, ultimately all acts of benelovance have inherent reciprocity. My Dad was right all along, you cannot give without getting something back. It's not a problem, it's designed that way for a purpose!

We embrace that at Because Marketing. We teach that there is an incredible power in contributing to the world around us. We help humanize corporations which creates a deeper level of consumer loyalty with them. 

Markets are fiercely competitive, and the widespread availability of the Internet has only shortened the distance between sellers and buyers. When everyone is pitching the same tired song, "We have the best products, pricing & service", my clients get to say; 

"Not only are we the best in the business, but when you work with us you're HELPING TO SAVE THE LIVES OF MILLIONS OF CHILDREN. Our passion is our work, but OUR MISSION IS TO LOWER THE MORTALITY RATE OF CHILDREN WITH CANCER BY 50% IN THE NEXT 20 YEARS AND WE'RE MAKING AMAZING STRIDES! And by the way, it doesn't cost you any more to work with us than our competitors, but your business means much more because of what it means for so many others." 

Okay, this sales pitch may be a little heavy-handed, I'd most likely soften it up a bit (by the way we work with clients on pitch prep as well), but the point is still valid. Price, product & service are now considered prerequisites for playing ball, "Why should I use you" is always the begged question. Companies with a huge "Because" will win moving forward.

Brandon Bain is the founder of Because Marketing as well as Med Practice Hero, marketing companies with the single mission to help Good Businesses make a Big Impact! Brandon loves learning new marketing skills every day and how technology can improve communication and delivery.

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